Laurent Dieu

Wildlife photographer

Born in 1982, in Nivelles, Belgium, I grew up in a countryside environment. I was very young when my passion for the animal world started.

It was only around my 30s that I discovered photography with an entry-level camera and a macro lens. I started by photographing all the insects I found arround me. Later, I started photographing the birds and mammals around me. I do not content myself with photographing them, I decide to study them more in depth, I learn to identify them, to know their biotopes.

At the beginning, my images had a very "naturalistic" vision of course, but since 2017 a more artistic evolution has taken place in my work. Photography becomes much more than a simple hobby, it is a real obsession, a passion! I look at subjects differently to compose, find the mood, and highlight my subject.

Lovers of nature in general, animals in the broad sense have gradually led me to take an interest in animal photography as a whole. Through my images I hope to convey to you the emotion of the moment, the emotion that gives me this nature so fragile and so threatened nowadays.